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Before signing a lease


Tenants often take the signing of a lease agreement lightly and don’t read carefully through the terms and conditions. A proper lease agreement will ensure that both parties’ rights are protected. Landlords must ensure that they include all the necessary information in a lease agreement, while tenants must make sure that all the points discussed with the landlord are included in the lease, instead of just assuming that they are.

Enquire about costs and duration

The monthly rental cost and duration of the lease (including specific dates) must clearly be stated in the lease agreement to avoid any confusion regarding this matter. The lease agreement should also clearly indicate how and when any increases in rent will take place. If the landlord doesn’t provide you with this information, ask him/her to give it to you in writing so you can keep it on record.

The lease should also clearly explain any deposits (e.g. the rental deposit) that have to be paid, as well as the terms and conditions regarding the refund of deposits. All other variable usage expenses (like water or electricity) that the tenant will have to pay should also be clearly stated.

Some rental properties include utilities within the monthly rental cost, while others don’t. Some properties might offer on-site gym memberships, for example, which could save you money. Before you sign the lease to a property, ask your landlord what is included in the rental rate.

Get information regarding changes to the property

Once the landlord has agreed to rent out his property to you, make sure that you document any pre-existing damages to the property and its amenities before you sign the lease. Ask whether these damages can be fixed at the landlord’s expense.

Both the landlord and the tenant are responsible for the maintenance of the property. The responsibilities of both parties should be clearly stated in the lease agreement. The lease agreement should also indicate how the tenant must report any problems that require repair.

Make sure which amendments can be made to the property. Rather know the rules and stick to them, instead of making an alteration and then finding out afterwards that your landlord is unhappy with it. Just imagine your landlord’s disgust after finding out that you’ve repainted his freshly white-painted walls red!


Tenants should be sure to understand the contents contained in the lease agreement and that they understand all the clauses, terms and conditions to avoid any surprises later. While renting a property isn’t as much of a financial commitment as buying a home is, tenants should remember that a lease is nevertheless a legally binding document, meaning that they should make sure that they agree with everything contained therein before they sign it.

This article is a general information sheet and should not be used or relied on as legal or other professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any information herein. Always contact your legal adviser for specific and detailed advice. Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)

Selling your property? There might be some costs you are not aware of

If you are selling property in South Africa, check what costs you have to pay, and if they’re applicable to you.

  1. Bond costs

Cancellation Costs: This is charged when you cancel your bond after selling your property. They total up to R3 000 or more.

Early Settlement Penalty: If your home was recently purchased and you are in the early years (approximately 3 years) of bond repayments, your bank is entitled to charge you an early settlement fee for consolidating your bond sooner than expected. Inquire this fee with your bank so that you are set for payment.

Notice Period Penalty: With so many other things to be concerned about, you are likely unaware of the need to notify the bank of your intent to sell. While this may vary with different banks, most of them require a written notice 90 days in advance before you start consolidating your bond. Failing to supply this notice on time will entitle your bank to charge you with penalty interest.

The transfer process: This process, from the date you accept a desirable offer to purchase to the registration of the home to the buyer’s name, can take anywhere between 2.5 and 3 months. In the case where you could need money from your bond to pay off any other financial obligations, then you should withdraw it before giving your notice of cancellation.

  1. Agent’s commission and VAT

Estate agents have insight on property market trends, which is beneficial to ensure you receive what you deserve for your home. They do, however, charge commission on the sale of any property, and it is usually expressed as a percentage of the purchase price, however, it excludes VAT. This is likely the biggest cost of selling, so selling privately is an option available to you.

  1. Compliance certificates

Compliance certificates ensure that any installations that could be deemed dangerous in your home are done by a professional and done correctly. As a seller, it is your responsibility to ensure they are up to date before supplying them to the buyer. These certificates cost at least R500 each, but if there are faults discovered upon inspection, then you also have to pay for the necessary work to be done before the certificate can be issued.

Electrical: The Electrical Certificate of Compliance, also referred to as an ECOC, is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Electrical Fence System Compliance Certificate: Different from an ECOC, the Electrical Fence System Compliance Certificate is required for a home with electrical fencing as a security measure.

Beetle (entomological): While not compulsory, if the home you are selling is in the Western Cape or KwaZulu-Natal regions, you will generally need to provide the purchaser with certification. This certificate indicates that the property is free from beetle infestations.

Gas: To confirm that the gas lines in the home are safe, homeowners will be required to obtain a certificate of conformity, which indicates that the installation has been done by a qualified technician.

Plumbing: Currently a requirement for Cape Town, this certificate confirms that the plumbing on the property is sound. This certificate does not confirm that the property is free from rising damp or that there are no blocked drains.

  • If the inspection results in work needing to be done to achieve compliance, then the contractor will give a quote for it.
  1. Rates, taxes and levies clearance certificate

Rates and taxes: Attorneys will require a rates and taxes clearance certificate from the local council, and the seller will need to put money upfront to get this certificate. To provide the clearance certificate, the council can ask between 2 and 6 months of future-dated payments.

  • If the home happens to be registered within a shorter time frame, the council will pay back the additional money which the seller has paid.

Levies: In the instance where the seller is in an estate or sectional title property, the homeowners’ association or body corporate may request that the seller pays for their levies a few months in advance to ensure such costs are covered until transfer takes place.

  1. Property Capital Gains Tax

This tax is not charged on all property, but if charged, it is taxable on the resale of property. This cost is the responsibility of the seller.

  1. Moving costs

This is an inevitable part of moving from the sold property, and it is often not considered until the last minute. What must be considered here is how the move from point A to B will be made and this can also vary depending on how many trips need to be made. The costs to consider are the petrol costs and the possible cost of professional movers.

  • Getting insurance for items being moved should be factored in.

Paying to Sell Infograph

Please contact us should you have any specific questions.

This article is a general information sheet and should not be used or relied on as legal or other professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any information herein. Always contact your legal adviser for specific and detailed advice. Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)

Transfer of a property: Is vat or transfer duty payable?

A2A purchaser is responsible for payment of transfer cost when acquiring an immovable property, but it should further be established if the transaction is subject to the payment of VAT or transfer duty to SARS.

When an immovable property is transferred, either VAT or transfer duty is payable. To determine whether VAT or transfer duty is payable one should look at the status of the seller and the type of transaction.


If the seller is registered for VAT (Vendor) and he sells the property in the course of his business, VAT will be payable to SARS. A vendor is a person who runs a business and whose total taxable earnings per year exceed R1 000 000. He will then have to be registered for VAT. A further stipulation is that the property that is being sold must be related to his business from which he derives an income.

The Offer to Purchase should stipulate whether the purchase price includes or excludes VAT. If the Offer to Purchase makes no mention of the payment of VAT and the seller is a VAT vendor, it is then deemed that VAT is included and the seller will have to pay 14% of the purchase price to SARS. It is the seller’s responsibility to pay the VAT to SARS, except if the contract stipulates otherwise.

When a seller is not registered for VAT, but the purchaser is a registered VAT vendor, the purchaser will still pay transfer duty but can claim the transfer duty back from SARS after registration of the property.

Transfer duty

When the seller is not a registered VAT vendor it is almost certain that transfer duty will be payable on the transaction. A purchaser is responsible for payment of the transfer duty. Transfer duty is currently payable on the following scale:

  1. The first R750 000 of the value of the property is exempted from transfer duty.
  2. Thereafter transfer duty is levied at 3% of the value of the property between R750 000 and R1 250 000.
  3. Where the value of the property is from R1 250 001 up to R1 750 000, transfer duty will be R15 000 plus 6% on the value of the property above R1 250 000.
  4. If the value of the property falls between R1 750 001 and R2 250 000, transfer duty will be R45 000 plus 8% of the value of the property above R1750 000.
  5. On a property with a value of R2 250 001 and above transfer duty is R85 000 plus 11% on the value of the property above R2 250 000.

Transfer duty payable by an individual or a legal entity (trust, company or close corporation) is currently charged at the same rate.

Transfer duty is levied on the reasonable value of the property, which will normally be the purchase price, but should the market value be higher than the purchase price, transfer duty will be payable on the highest amount. Transfer duty is payable within six months from the date that the Offer to Purchase was signed.

In instances where a party obtains a property as an inheritance or as the beneficiary of a divorce settlement, the transaction will be exempted from payment of transfer duty.

Where shares in a company or a member’s interest in a close corporation or rights in a trust are transferred, the transaction will be subject to payment of transfer duty if the legal entity is the owner of a residential property.

Zero-rated transactions

This means that VAT will be payable on the transaction but at a zero rate. If both the seller and the purchaser are registered for VAT and the property is sold as a going concern, VAT will be charged at a zero rate, for instance when a farmer sells his farm as well as the cattle and the implements.


Transfer duty, and not VAT, will be payable when a seller who is registered for VAT sells a property that was leased for residential purposes.

It is thus important for a purchaser to establish the status of the seller when buying a property. The seller who is registered for VAT should carefully peruse the purchase price clause in a contract before signing, to establish if VAT is included or excluded.

This article is a general information sheet and should not be used or relied on as legal or other professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any information herein. Always contact your legal adviser for specific and detailed advice.

Property Focus

Pringle Bay


Prys:  R18,500,000

Die eiendom is gesoneer vir opleiding, wat dit ideaal maak vir bv. ‘n hotelskool  of selfs vir ‘n rehabilitasiesentrum.   Dit leen homself ook ideaal vir ‘n boutiekhotel of  ‘n Bed-en-Ontbyt-saak.   ‘n Verdere moontlikheid is vir ‘n Spa-oord.   Die uitsig op die see en berg is pragtig en dit is omring deur ‘n natuurlike fynbos area, reg in die Kogelberg Biosfeer. Daar is 24 en-suite volledig toegeruste kamers plus personeel akkommodasie. Die pragtige lapa, toegerus met ‘n groot kaggel, kan 80 gaste met gemak geakkommodeer vir ‘n streng formele funksie of selfs vir ‘n regte boerebraai.   Benewens die eetkamer is daar ook ‘n lesingskamer, kleiner raadskamer, en ‘n baie elegante tipies Engelse kroeg.  Daar is ook ‘n swembad op die perseel, en baie parkeerplek. Die hele eiendom is omhein.

Phone: Trudi Lötter 071 353 6217
Email: Trudi Lötter –,
Jacques Ulrich –

Web address: : 607724


Price: R18,500,000

This property is zoned as “institutional”, which is for training purposes, eg.  a Hotel School or even a rehabilitation centre.   It also lends itself perfectly  for a Boutique Hotel or a Bed and Breakfast.   A further great possibility would be a Spa.   Situated in the Kogelberg Biosphere, it is surrounded by  fynbos and has beautiful sea and mountain views. The property has 24 en-suite rooms, fully equipped, plus staff accommodation. The beautiful lapa has an enormous fire place and can accommodate 80 guests with ease, either for a very formal function or an informal barbeque.   Apart from the dining room there is a lecture room, a smaller boardroom and an elegant real English Pub. There is also a swimming pool on the premises plus ample parking space.   The whole property is fenced in.

Phone: Trudi Lötter 071 353 6217
Email: Trudi Lötter –,
Jacques Ulrich –

Web address: : 607724





All plots with views to the valley.
Invest today!
New tar road will be completed May 2015.


The first written mention of Baardskeerdersbos can be traced to 1660. An expedition-team of five men, sent by the founder of the Cape Colony, Jan van Riebeeck, reported on the valley and its Khoikhoi residents. No doubt the little expedition will have spent the night in the open air and will have encountered the small spider-like creatures called “Baardscheerders” (“Beard Shavers”) known for cutting human hair for nest-making purposes. 

Today the village is known as Baardskeerdersbos (Baardscheerders Bosch) or, more informally, as Bbos. 

The fertile Bbos valley in the heart of the Overberg Is one of the most undisturbed and original areas of the region.

It is a rural drive of 25km from Gansbaai en-route to the southern-most point of the African continent, Cape Agulhas.

Apart from the traditional cattle farms and horsesteads, bright-green vineyards and multicoloured flower-farms mark the landscape. Bbos is also home to several pristine and rare Fynbos habitats of the original 

Cape Floral Kingdom. A new trend is that of wine-making, which is presently carried out on a small scale. In addition, some residents are making olive oil and preparing table olives. 

The Baardskeerdersbos Boereorkes (farmers’ orchestra) of Manie Groenewald is widely known in the world of Afrikaans music. Many people first heard of Bbos after listening to Manie and his men. 

Birding: due to the unique combination of Fynbos, agricultural fields, dry and ravine forest systems, the Bbos valley has a rich birdlife. 

Animals: patient visitors will have the chance to meet eye-to-eye with the five antelope species of the area or see the local wild baboon tribe on the edge of the mountains. 

The Bbos valley is a haven of tranquillity surrounded by tourism hot-spots such as Gansbaai, famous as the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks and Southern Right Whales. A visit to the nearby Danger Point Peninsula is recommended for insights into maritime history. The Strandveld museum in Franskraal is also worth a visit. Walk with a local guide through our neighbouring town, Elim – an old Moravian mission station steeped in history. Visit De Hoop Nature Reserve or one of the smaller nature parks in the area to see the Bontebok antelope. 

The Elim-Agulhas region has a number of wine farms producing excellent wines. Many have cellars that are open for tasting and wine sales. 

Bbos will undoubtedly see changes in the future, but the locals of the village and its valley pledge that the change will be positive. You are always welcome in our unique hamlet. 

  • An artist-driven initiative – twice a year open weekends to view art from solo exhibitions, with guest artists invited. 
  • Drive through nature and stroll around the unpretentious village between studio venues. Enjoy wine, coffee and good food at the local restaurants & pubs.

Lokal@BBos Deli & Die Werf – BBOS Wine tasting open soon.

Email: Helena Swart –





Spacious, 303m2 double storey residence situated in sought after, exclusive Lakewood Village. This property is situated on the Golf course and offers unrestricted golf course and mountain views! Open plan living areas with lounge, dining room, kitchen with separate scullery, entertainment area with bar and built in braai, playroom, 3 en-suite bedrooms & garage. Lovely, sunny & private outside area with chlorinated pool. Experience the abundant birdlife of the surrounding wetlands. Eco friendly environment with indigenous gardens and nature right on your doorstep. Lakewood Village is situated close to Fernkloof Nature Reserve with various hiking trails and popular Blue Flag beaches. Controlled and strict security measures ensure a safe living environment. Excellent investment return!

JOINT SOLE MANDATE: R4,500,000 neg.

Phone: Heather 083 285 2777
Email: Hannelie van Rooyen –,
Heather Kleynhans –,
Marietta du Toit –

Web address: : 615657


Ruim, 303m2 dubbelverdieping woning geleë in die gewilde, eksklusiewe Lakewood Village. Hierdie eiendom is geleë op die gholfbaan en bied onbeperkte gholfbaan en berguitsig! Oopplan leefareas met sitkamer, eetkamer, kombuis met opwasarea, onthaalarea met kroeg en ingeboude braai, speelkamer, 3 en-suite slaapkamers en motorhuis. Lieflike, private buite area met swembad. Ervaar en besigtig die groot verskeidenheid voël lewe in die omliggende wetlands. Eko vriendelike omgewing met pragtige, inheemse tuine. Lakewood Village is binne loopafstand van Fernkloof Natuurreservaat met verskeie staproetes en ook naby gewilde Blou Vlag strande. Beheerde en streng veiligheidsmaatreëls verseker ’n veilige omgewing. Uitstekende beleggingspotensiaal!


Phone: Heather 083 285 2777
Email: Hannelie van Rooyen –,
Heather Kleynhans –,
Marietta du Toit –

Web address: : 615657





Price: R825,000

Dwelling built ± 6.5 years ago.  Light and airy with new wood fireplace, aluminium window frames with white slatted blinds throughout.  Modern fixtures & fittings: kitchen with Bosch electric oven and 2 plate glass top stove together with 2 plate gas top stove.

Indoor fireplace as well as outdoor barbeque  –  the latter of which is fully tiled and surrounded with a wall (of one metre high) &patio glass above it  –  thus shielding one from the elements (when braai-ing).

Open plan living & dining area with kitchen, 3 bedrooms (main en suite) and another full bathroom (with bath & shower), shielded patio at the back & single garage.  Very well established garden  –  with water feature in both front and back garden.

Phone: Johann Dippenaar 082 926 2066

Web address: : 463133

PS:  Please put yourself in the fortunate position of also viewing the following properties on our website:

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Asking prices not further negotiable.





The Middlevlei Nature reserve is a bird sanctuary that lies about 13 kilometers east of Hermanus.   Very much intact , but still with easy access to amenities.

The sanctuary is approximately 450 hectares in size of which about 30 hectares are developed and divided into Meerenbosch, Meer-en-see and Sandown Bay Private estate as well as a new development with vacant stands being developed called Middlebosch.

Here you will find your dream home according to your requirements as each develop has got unique features.

The Bot River lagoon flows into the sea here in the Reserve and you have the benefit of the warm water of the lagoon as well as the sea on your door step.

The area is well known for its bird life, abundance of wild life as well as the wild horses of the Bot River estuary.

Don’t delay come and find your own little piece of Eden.

Visit our website for a number of unique properties.

Phone: Lynette Crafford 0825785900
Email: Lynette Crafford,
Elna Marais –,
Marthie Strydom –,
Antoinette –

Property Focus



R2 400 000


Light and sunny. 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious lounge and dining area opening onto private patio area and a big enough kitchen. Garage with extra space for laundry.

Dining room with lunches at a minimal fee. Clinic sister available. Recreational facilities: library, tennis court, swimming pool, bowls, gym classes, table tennis, bingo, billiard, etc.

2 Blocks away from ocean.
Very popular and very scares!

Building Size: 114,5 m²
Levy: R2250/m
Rates: R±R400/m

Web Ref: 609 054

Contact: Hannelie
082 557 9358


VERMONT: R2 485 000

An Artist’s Dream! The perfect setting in a perfect location with a studio full of light and the most inspiring sea and mountain views for creating you masterpiece. 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, open plan living/kitchen/dining area flowing out to a balcony with breath taking mountain (and sea) views.

Scenic views from most rooms.

Easily change the studio into that very special 3rd bedroom. Double garage.

Web Ref: 607793

Contact: Marthie
083 776 6812




PRYSVERLAGING – Alleenlik R2,550 000

64ha plaas met uitsig oor wingerd en dam. 4 slaapkamer plaashuis – water uit fontein Evkom krag. Beskik oor bewerkbare / weiding grond en gedeelte fynbos.

Verwysing no. 602631

24ha fynbos land met asemrowende see en berguitsigte – 2 boorgate. Geen geboue. – R1,500 000

Helena 079 528 1919
Verwysing no. 610658


Prys : R2,200 000

Hierdie besigheid wat tans as ‘n supermark bedryf word, het legio moontlikhede. Daar is reeds 2 lokale verhuur op huurkontrak behalwe die supermark. Die supermark gedeelte leen homself uitstekend vir bv. ‘n oogarts, ‘n dokterspreekkamer met apteek en nog ‘n winkel wat ook verhuur kan word, met ander woorde 5 lokale wat inkomste kan genereer. Op die boonste vlak is ook nog genoegsaam spasie vir ‘n woonstel. Daar is baie parkeerruimte. Die erf is 383 vk m en die gebou beslaan 380 vk m. Die prys sluit die gebou plus die lopende besigheid in plus alle voorraad en toerusting. Hierdie gebou kan baie noodsaaklike dienste vir die gemeenskap verseker.

Skakel TRUDI LOTTER by 071 353 6217

Verwysing no. 586021


SANDBAAIPrys:  R1,100 000

Nuwe vrystelling naby see. Hierdie huis is uniek aangesien dit ten volle rolstoel vriendelik is. Die huis is pas nuut geverf en geen werk is nodig nie. Die huis bestaan uit drie baie ruim slaapkamers met twee badkamers waarvan een en-suite is.

Vanaf die ingangs portaal is daar n formele sitkamer, aparte familie kamer met skuifdeure na tuin asook n eetkamer wat oopplan is na kombuis. Kwaliteit muureenhede is ingebou in die eetkamer wat oopplan is met die ruim kombuis met aparte opwas geriewe en waskamer. Toegang tot die dubbel motorhuis kan verkry word deur die kombuis. Die eiendom is ten volle ommuur en beveilig met diefwering en alarm.

Soortgelyke eiendomme is baie skaars en moeilik bekombaar so moet nie dat hierdie een deur u vingers glip nie.

Skakel vandag nog Lynette 0825785900
Verwysing no. 608285

Property Focus


New release on a Sole Mandate – 3,2Ha smallholding on the border of Baardskeerdersbos town.

Excellent investment with an established vineyard and olive grove under irrigation.

Restored Strandveld cottage with 2 bedrooms en-suite, open plan lounge/dining room and kitchen. Newly built one bedroom garden flatlet. Cottage is surrounded by fynbos and indigenous trees only planted 3 years ago. Covered braai area with views of the vineyard and olive grove. Double garage, staff accommodation and a storeroom.

Earth Dam with borehole water is used for irrigation.

Included in the price is a 700m2 plot with borehole and all implements.

Upgrading of the road from gravel to tar surface from Gansbaai/Baardskeerdersbos/Elim/Cape Agulhas has started already, buy now before prices increase.
This is a must to view.

Contact: Helena Swart on 079 528 1919

Web ref: 580414




R3 800 000


Unique opportunity to obtain a property in the extended Hermanus business area near all the new developments and busy tourist area. Ideal for business premises or for the investor.

Although the zoning is still residential, it is currently used as offices (5 offices, 2 bathrooms and kitchen), a shop (2 rooms, 1 bathroom and spacious workspace) and a 1 bedroom flat (bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchenette).

Near Checkers, Woolworths and Waltons. This is an opportunity for the investor with vision. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Stand size: 595 m²
Building size: ±350 m²
Rates: R684/m


Web ref: 580 005

Contact: Hannelie 082  557 9358




Photo of the property itself.  So close to the ocean. She’s the best value for money within Perlemoen Bay. Approximately 70% of the ocean view as seen from the photo  –  is of a permanent nature.

Price drastically reduced from R550 000.

Located within walking distance from Stanford’s Cove – our only natural beach within the immediate area.  Come and experience a whale festival – addressed to an exclusive audience.  Surrounded by new dwellings only – as Perlemoen Bay was developed during ± 2003 only.  This fact will immediately be depicted from 2 more images – as seen on our website.

Drive through, sign the necessary and return with an Agreement of Sale in your pocket. She could be within your destiny. The viewer must enjoy a wonderful day.

Contact Johann Dippenaar on 082 926 2066

Web ref:  468379




HEMEL EN AARDE: R2 750 000

Modern with top class finishes.

This superb, modern double storey home – all in one level – offers a spacious open-plan state-of-the-art kitchen, dining room and lounge area which flows to a covered “L” shaped patio with sea and stunning mountain views – ideal for enjoying your sundowner!

A modern house in a class of its own: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, study, well-planned modern kitchen with granite tops, living and dining room with a built-in fireplace, larger than normal remote garage with direct access, study and most rooms that flow tocovered patio area with mountain and sea views for those early coffee and rusks or late afternoon sunset. Low maintenance garden.

Hemel en Aarde offers the following:

  • 24 hour controlled hekingang Sauna
  • Half-size Olympic pool
  • Walking routes in the beautiful complex
  • Safe playground for children
  • Communal garden areas are carefully maintained
  • Safe playground for children
  • Licensed Clubhouse
  • Tennis and squash courts
  • Fully equipped “gym”

A house at an affordable price fit for a king!

Proudly hosted by Marthie: 083 776 6812

Web ref: 594205




The “grande olde dame” in Pringle Bay is in the market. This exceptional landmark right in the middle of the Central Business Area became famous through the restaurants that operated from this venue en was also used as exhibiting space for art.

The ground floor can easily be divided into 2 separate venues for letting purposes and the huge loft area offers accommodation. A business venue in this popular vacinity seldom comes on the market.

Please do not miss this opportunity for a solid investment.

Phone Trudi Lotter at 071 353 6217

Web address : www.gtproperty,

Web ref: 586038




Nuwe vrystelling op Alleenmandaat.  3,2Ha kleinhoewe op die grens van Baardskeerdersbos dorpsgebied. Uitstekende belegging – enigste in sy soort in die area. Baie netjies met gevestigde wingerd en olyfboord onder besproeiing.

Gerestoureerde 2 slaapkamer Strandveld kothuis met en suite badkamers, oopplan sit/eetkamer en kombuis. Nuutgeboude eenslaapkamer tuinwoonstel. Woning is omring deur fynbos en inheemse bome wat 3 jaar terug gevestig is. Onderdak braai met uitsig oor die boorde en vallei. Dubbel motorhuis, werkersakkommodasie en stoorkamer.

Gronddam met boorgatwater word vir besproeiing van wingerd en olyfboord

Ingesluit by die prys: 700m2 erf met boorgat en al die implemente.

Opgradering van pad van gruis na teeroppervlak vanaf Gansbaai/Baardskeerdersbos/ Elim/ Kaap Agulhas het alreeds begin. Belê nou voor pryse styg.

Dit is ‘n moet om te besigtig.

Skakel Helena Swart: 079 528 1919

Verw Nr: 580414




R3 800 000


Unieke geleentheid om ‘n eiendom te bekom in die verlengde Hermanus besigheidsgebied naby al die nuwe ontwikkelinge en besigste toeriste-area. Ideaal vir besigheidsperseel of vir die innoverende belegger. Hoewel die area steeds residensieel is, word dit tans gebruik as kantore (5 kantore, 2 badkamers en ‘n kombuis), ‘n winkel (2 kamers, 1 badkamer en ruim werkplek) en ‘n 1 slaapkamer woonstel (slaapkamer, badkamer, leefarea en kombuis).

Geleë naby Checkers, Woolworths en Waltons. Dit is ‘n geleentheid vir die belegger met visie. Moenie toelaat dat hierdie geleentheid jou verbygaan nie!

Erf grootte: 595 m²
Gebou grootte: ±350 m²
Tariewe: R684 p/m


Verw Nr: 580 005

Skakel Hannelie: 082  557 9358




Foto geneem vanaf die Erf self.  So naby die see! Sy is die beste waarde vir geld binne Perlemoenbaai. Ongeveer 70% van die seesig  –  soos gesien op die foto  –  is van ‘n permanente aard.

Prys drasties verlaag vanaf R550 000

Geleë binne stapafstand vanaf Stanfords Cove –  ons enigste natuurlike swemstrand in die onmiddellike omgewing.  Vanaf hierdie perseel sal ‘n ou ‘n walvisfees ervaar  –  gerig aan slegs ‘n eksklusiewe gehoor.  Hierdie erf word omring deur slegs nuwe woonhuise, aangesien Perlemoenbaai eers teen ± 2003 ontwikkel is.  Dit sal ook duidelik blyk vanuit 2 verdere foto’s wat op ons webblad gelaai is;  gaan verken hul gerus.

Ry deur, teken en keer terug met ‘n Koopooreenkoms in u sak.

Ek glo sy is binne u bestemming.

Mooi dag vir u.

Skakel Johann Dippenaar: 082 926 2066

Verw Nr: 468379




HEMEL EN AARDE: R2 750 000

Hierdie pragtige, moderne dubbelverdieping woonhuis – alles in een vlak – bied ‘n ruim oopplan “state-of-the-art” kombuis, sitkamer en eetkamer area wat vloei na ‘n bedekte “L” vormige patio met  ‘n pragtige berg en seesigte – ideaal om ‘n sonsondergang met ‘n kelkie te geniet!

‘n Moderne woonhuis in ‘n klas van sy eie:  3 ruim slaapkamers , 3 badkamers, studeerkamer, goedbeplande moderne kombuis met granietblaaie, woon-eetvetrek met ingeboude kaggel, groter as normale afstandbeheerde motorhuise met direkte toegang, studeerkamer en meeste vertrekke wat spontaan vloei na die onderdak stoeparea met berg- en seesigte vir daardie vroeë koffie en beskuit of laatmiddag sonsondergang. Lae onderhoud tuin.

Hemel en Aarde bied die volgende:

  • 24 uur gekontroleerde hekingang
  • Sauna
  • Half-grootte Olimpiese swembad
  • Stappaadjies in die pragkompleks
  • Veilige speelpark vir kinders
  • Gemeenskaplike tuinareas word met sorg onderhou.
  • Veilige speelpark vir kinder
  • Gelisensieerde Klubhuis
  • Tennis- en muurbalbane
  • Ten volle toegeruste “gym”

‘n Woonhuis teen ‘n bekostigbare prys geskik vir ‘n koning!

Met trots aangebied deur Marthie: 083 776 6812

Verw Nr: 594205




Die “grande olde dame” in Pringlebaai is te koop. Hierdie landmerk in die middel van die besigheidsentrum het naam gemaak met die restourante wat vandaar bedryf is en word ook tans gebruik vir uitstallings.

Die grondvloer kan gemaklik in 2 verdeel word vir verhuring aan 2 instansies, albei met straatfront – en dit bied ook akkommodasie in die solderverdieping. ‘n Besigheidseiendom in hierdie gesogte posisie kom selde in die mark.

Moenie hierdie waardevolle besigneidsgeleentheid misloop nie.

Skakel Trudi Lotter: 071 353 6217


Verw Nr: 586038




R3 800 000


Unieke geleentheid om ‘n eiendom te bekom in die verlengde Hermanus besigheidsgebied naby al die nuwe ontwikkelinge en besigste toeriste-area. Ideaal vir besigheidsperseel of vir die innoverende belegger. Hoewel die area steeds residensieel is, word dit tans gebruik as kantore (5 kantore, 2 badkamers en ‘n kombuis), ‘n winkel (2 kamers, 1 badkamer en ruim werkplek) en ‘n 1 slaapkamer woonstel (slaapkamer, badkamer, leefarea en kombuis).

Geleë naby Checkers, Woolworths en Waltons. Dit is ‘n geleentheid vir die belegger met visie. Moenie toelaat dat hierdie geleentheid jou verbygaan nie!

Stand size: 595 m²
Building size: ±350 m²
Rates: R684 p/m


Web Ref: 580 005

Kontak: Hannelie
082  557 9358

Property Focus



R3 800 000


Unique opportunity to obtain a property in the extended Hermanus bussiness area near all the new developments and busy tourist area. Ideal for bussiness premises or for the investor. Although the zoning is still residential, it is currently used as offices (5 offices, 2 bathrooms and kitchen), a shop (2 rooms, 1 bathroom and spacious workspace) and a 1 bedroom flat (bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchenette).

Near Checkers, Woolworths and Waltons. This is an opportunity for the investor with vision. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Stand size: 595 m²
Building size: ±350 m²
Rates: R684/m


Web Ref: 580 005

Contact: Hannelie
082  557 9358